Virtual Maker Hour with Stemtastic - Mythical Creatures

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Children , Tweens
Registration for this event will close on September 29, 2020 @ 7:00pm.
Allowed Ages: 7 years to 12 years
There are 6 seats remaining.

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Children will unleash their creativity and divergent thinking with STEM based activities.

Mythical Creatures

Legends of Dragons and Unicorns have captured our imaginations for centuries. It was once believed fire-breathing, flying lizards, called dragons once existed. Unicorns were believed to have been able to fly, create rainbows, clean dirty water and heal the sick. Is it possible, creatures such as this once existed? It's easy to dismiss these far-fetched whimsical ideas as purely fictional. However, as we delve deeper, we discover that scientific principles are often more unbelievable than the myths themselves. Join us as we learn about fire, rainbows and flight and attempt to separate myth from reality.

A note about materials. Please do your best to have the materials available for your child, however, if you are not able to have everything listed below, please come to class anyway, as we will demonstrate what happens and your child can try it at another time.
Materials: shallow bowl of milk, toothpick, small capful of dish soap, water based food coloring(not gel), shallow bowl of water, pepper flakes (or any dried herb such as parsley that can float on top), straw, scissor, 2 sheets of plain white paper, glass of water, flashlight(optional), pocket mirror(optional).


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